Life Coaching = Astrology + Spam

Updated 28-Jun-2024

What is great about Life Coaching is that life is a generalized concept. Just as it appears sometimes that an astrologer or fortune teller can have insight, it is the generalized nature of that insight, combined with pattern recognition, that makes life coaching not only possible, but lucrative on a level completely divorced from the actual nature of insights, or the utility thereof. Combined with the activity of spamming ones contact list, or the Internet in general, life coaching can take on a lucrative dimension where the gullible and vulnerable pony up their cash (hard earned or otherwise) and the life coach is transformed into an entrepreneur. All should bow down before these insights and this person who has found the winning formula for success based on generic, if well-meaning advice. The "law of attraction" is reborn under a new moniker for the 21st century.