Markdown Extra Unofficial

Updated 28-Jun-2024

Markdown Extra Unofficial is a WordPress plugin supporting Markdown Extra the parser by Michel Fortin. There are several markdown plugins for WordPress, however most require that markdown be put in a block or a shortcode. This plugin is meant to be used with the Classic Editor and parse all text in pages and posts, excerpts, term descriptions, and WooCommerce short descriptions.

PHP Markdown Extra Classic

There was originally a Markdown Extra WordPress Plugin released by Michel Fortin but was discontinued in 2013. The Markdown Extra PHP Parser (PHP Markdown) is an active and ongoing project.

Updated functionality in PHP Markdown

For years I used the old version of Markdown Extra WordPress plugin. It still worked brilliantly. However, two improvements to PHP Markdown compelled the creation of a new WordPress plugin: the ability to add {rel="nofollow"} after an href, and the elimination of extra <p></p> inadvertently added to certain markup. Using the latest PHP Markdown parser, all we need is an updated wrapper and some WordPress specific commands, so that it works as a WordPress plugin.

Markdown Extra extended syntax

Along with the standard Markdown features, Markdown Extra has several enhancements:

  • Adding CSS classes to block-level elements {.class} and {#id}
  • Supports markdown inside of html markup <div>
  • Has an improved syntax for simple tables
  • Supports definition lists
  • Supports footnotes
  • Supports abbreviations
  • Supports adding rel="nofollow" to hrefs {rel="nofollow"}

See full Markdown Extra syntax

Download Markdown Extra Unofficial

Markdown Extra Unofficial is available via Github and eventually via plugins.