Pelican – Python-based Static Site Generator

Updated 28-Jun-2024

Pelican is a python-powered static site generator that is likely the most popular and mature of its kind. It has extensive documentation.

Pelican features

  • Articles (e.g., blog posts) and pages (e.g., “About”, “Projects”, “Contact”)
  • Integration with external services
  • Site themes (created using Jinja2 templates)
  • Publication of articles in multiple languages
  • Generation of Atom and RSS feeds
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Import existing content from WordPress, Dotclear, or RSS feeds
  • Fast rebuild times thanks to content caching and selective output writing
  • Extensible via a rich plugin ecosystem: Pelican Plugins

Deploying Pelican

Pelican can be deployed in myriad of ways:

  • S3 and Cloudflare
  • Github and Github Pages
  • Gitlab and Gitlab Pages
  • Github or Gitlab and Cloudflare Pages

I think the best approach is to get Github working, then Github pages. Then Gitlab and Gitlab pages.