Prehistory and Post Apocalypse

Updated 28-Jun-2024

The thing about history is that there is a lot of it. And prehistory, well, so much more. The highlights:

  • carbon/methane sequestration
  • 50mya seas and temperatures
  • Return of the wooly mammoth
  • Arctic resources
  • Emigration for the next 1,000 years
  • O Canada

Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM)

> At least since 1997, the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum has become a focal point of considerable geoscience research because it probably provides the best past analog by which to understand impacts of global climate warming and of massive carbon input to the ocean and atmosphere, including ocean acidification. Although it is now widely accepted that the PETM represents a "case study" for global warming and massive carbon input to Earth's surface, the cause, details and overall significance of the event remain perplexing. - Wikipedia

Around 50-60 million years ago there was a thermal maximum which is essentially the hottest the earth became most recently, with other significant heating events at around 500, 400, 300, and 250mya.

Earth an Ice Planet

Around 700mya the earth somehow began a massive erosional event that is presumed to be what is known as snowball earth. Basically Hoth.

Emigration for the next 1,000 years

Provided that things result as expected, and also that it is possible to consider a 1,000 year timescale for a family -- which is certainly possible when reviewing some of the world's oldest companies. Many of the oldest companies are local and family-owned. The question becomes, where should local be located, given the above?

First, those countries whose temperature will become unlivable (which ultimately may be most), should be jettisoned. Low-lying, densely populated, ocean-dependent, and equatorial/tropical countries are particularly at risk (especially if several of these factors are combined). Granted, the worsening conditions will take some time to unfold, but the establishment of a new locale should be done within the existing generation.

Inheritance, primogeniture, and the inability to break up a dynasty... World's oldest companies, why so many are in Japan...

See Harari's book Sapiens

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