Snake Games

Updated 28-Jun-2024

Snake games are quite popular. The first widely played snake game is of course snakes and ladders which originated in 2nd century CE India. The game was imported into the UK in the 1890s and made its way to the US as chutes and ladders, snakes apparently too scary for small children.

Snake Video Game Genre

The breakthrough snake video game entered the mainstream when it came installed in Nokia phones in 1998. Snake video games are considered their own genre.

Snake is available as a video game by Google playable in the browser as an easter egg for the search play snake.

Modern Snake Games

In the mid- to late-2010s modern snake games such as became popular as multiplayer games. The biggest change is that one does not worry about colliding with one's own tail, only those of opponents. In addition, the playing area is much larger than the main screen, and also when snakes die, they turn back into the food they ate, and can be eaten in turn by surviving snakes. The goal as with the original snake game is to get as large as possible.

Most modern snake games (including Google's snake game) have customization of the skin of the snake.

List of Top Snake Games

Many snake games have both mobile app and web versions

List of Top Hole / Circle Games

Another take on Snake games is the popular hole game. The idea is to expand the size of a hole by eating buildings, and smaller holes. The similar game simply uses circles which get larger on touching smaller circles, but also are allowed to divide and to eject mass which is essentially shooting a smaller circle at others, in order to overcome the distance between them.