Math on the Web

Updated 28-Jun-2024

Below are bulletted list items. Later this will turn into better copy.

  • Summary: Use Texvc when necessary, and KaTeX when possible.

Math in Chrome

  • SVG is the preferred method for Math on Chrome, though accessibility is still an issue
  • Basically, for Chrome, the options are: ship small images at a great expense in time (MathJax), render as html on the server (KaTeX), or render as html on the browser (KaTeX), or finally ship images out of Texvc (faster than MathML)
  • Chrome does not support MathML



  • Texvc is a PHP Server-side extension that works/worked on MediaWiki at least 10 years ago
  • Basically Texvc will short-circuit the MathML and deliver images instead (not very usable or accessible, but it works better than MathML)