Productivity in 2013

Updated 28-Jun-2024

Yes, the first week of the new year is reaching its conclusion. What follows are a few current thoughts on productivity. Dark Trail


Two-a-day workouts for a total of two hours per day are transformative, and this is the level of input needed to make change in the body.

66 Repetitions to Create a Habit

A recent open source in the military article had the interesting tidbit that it takes 66 repetitions to create a habit, and thousands to create an olympic level athlete. From an organizational approach, can organizational habits be reproduced 66 times in order to set a habit? This is equivalent to something done weekly for 16 months, or something done daily for 2 months.

Mornings are for Productivity

Turn off the email, Twitter, YouTube, etc. for a set number of hours in the morning (or all morning). For me it is the Bloomberg in the background. Sometimes it is helpful (that is when I can't remember any of the stories) other times it is a barnacle.

Long Term Customer Value

This is where you treat a customer in such a way as to increase the likelihood they will buy from you in the future. One aspect of this is making sure you create things or provide services which they will want in the future. Communicate with and listen to the customers, but also anticipate.

Get Traction, Limit Expenses

Focus on the work, not on the shopping.

Plans and Reporting Against Them

A simple set of goals at different timescales: Goals * Year * Six Months * Three Months * One Month Tasks * Two Weeks * One Week * Three Days * One Day

Have Next Vacation Planned

Plan the next vacation, this helps focus on tasks at hand as reward is already visualized.