WordPress – Soup to Nuts

Updated 28-Jun-2024

I've written about WordPress at various points. I've been using this cms for 13-14 years, and for me it is well-known, though a bit worn out. The breakage it has has not improved much, and the resources needed are not up to the modern task.

Essentially most performance gains are made through improvements in Nginx, PHP, and MariaDB (thankfully, and not inconsequentially). WordPress is a most dreaded platform for 64.5% of developers answering a developer survey on Stack Exchange. This beats out the core enabling technology dread levels of MySQL (50.4%) and PHP (58.6%). Simply put, WordPress has a premium dreadfulness to it.

For me it is time for the devil I don't know, rather than the one I do. Even with the Classic Press fork of WordPress, we are dealing with ossified technologies. Granted they will likely not die (the code base is too large), but that does not make them forever bankable and safe, as in the nobody got fired for using IBM of the past.

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