Advice for a 25 year old

To my daughter Amanda, > We can be knowledgeable with another man's knowledge, but we cannot be wise with another man's wisdom. -- Montaigne Is Advice Even Possible First off, it seems to me, reflecting on my own 25-year-old self (of thirty years ago), that advice is nearly impossible, unless one can actually see into ... Read more

So Good They Can’t Ignore You

This book is badly in need of an editor. That is not surprising as it appears to be a collection of blog posts, but the redundancies and useless repetition truly get in the way of the important points. Also, stylistically the first person voice is also a bit pedantic. Agreed, the author points out that ... Read more

Pandoc, Markdown, XeLaTeX, EPUB

EPUB documents are essentially a kind of html document as a collection of files which are zipped, and include html, css, images, and some XML pages. There are several ways of organizing these, but the most straightforward is one html document for each chapter (or section), a set of images organized in a subfolder, and ... Read more

Image / Scaling / Compression

Size matters, and the smaller the better, when it comes to generation, modification, transmission, and storage of information. The vast amount of unoptimized documents and images on my very own local storage, much less what we send and receive all the time, is astounding. The idea that we need 100gb or 1tb of storage (thank ... Read more

The Problem with H1

H1 and Content Boundaries on the Web and EBook Publications NOTE: H1 isn't really a problem, the thing is that it defines a chapter, not a work (though a chapter could be considered a work in the sense of songs being considered works that are part of a collection). H1 is a problem when using ... Read more

The World Until Yesterday

The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies? by Jared Diamond My rating: 5 of 5 stars Wow, very interesting. If the past helps us understand the present, and help informed decisions on the future, then this work is an important one, and a fascinating read. There is an amalgam of different ... Read more

Telegram for Social Networking

Telegram is a great chat app, but there is more, and less to it, than say Twitter and Facebook. The first thing is that a lot of this gamification of likes/thumbsup is gone. Want to know if someone read your post? That has to be done either via direct message, or in a group (and ... Read more

Tidying Up Digitally

Marie Kondo is an expert on tidying a house. Her Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and two books (both of which are worth reading, best in chronological order) are best-sellers: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up) Spark Joy: An ... Read more

Top 10 Basic Video/Photo Mistakes

Set to 24p Set ISO Set Exposure (no over expose) Do color grading (with LUTS) Note: Shotcut only accepts 3D LUTS (?) so have to convert from other format, perhaps... Set Fstop Use lights/lighting Good audio 12 db Steady (not shaky) Music (edit to music, rather than just dropping music in) Story (not random or ... Read more

Podcast Platforms

Podcasting is growing (slowly) and offers a great opportunity for brand engagement. Generally free, the idea is to be where the audience already is, and have a reliable host for content and the rss feed. Media and RSS Hosting Soundcloud for Podcasting Google Podcasts and Google Play Music Podcasts Note, these are two different things: ... Read more