Kindle Paperwhite 4th Gen

Update Oct 2021 There is finally a new Kindle Paperwhite -- fifth generation -- which has a few nice new features: a larger 6.8" screen, amber sidelight, and USB-C, and is slightly larger and weighs about 10% more, just at 200g. This runs about $160 USD with no ads, and $200 with a leather cover. ... Read more

Dokuwiki – The Canonical Wiki

Dokuwiki, over the last 10 years, has become the canonical wiki. By this I mean that Dokuwiki is the go-to wiki for most uses. While there are many other wikis which are popular and in use (e.g., Xwiki, MoinMoin, TikiWiki, etc.), the competitors (other than Mediawiki) do not exceed half of Dokuwiki's popularity. The only ... Read more

Grav CMS on Debian

This post will be frequently (or infrequently) updated. It is meant to help me learn Grav and Gravcart, and in particular migrate off of WordPress and Woocommerce. Related Artices in Debian Services and Applications - Debian on AWS Lightsail - OpenVPN on Debian + UFW Firewall - Nginx and Letsencrypt on Debian - PHP & ... Read more

Inkscape – Open Source Vector Graphics

Open Source Vector Graphics Editor Inkscape is an amazing vector graphics editor. It is free and open source and works on a variety of platforms, including Linux, Windows and OSX. Inkscape replaces Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator and can read their files, and is a first class citizen among these other editors. Inkscape and Adobe ... Read more

MediaWiki vs. WordPress

There of course is no MediaWiki vs. WordPress in the sense of a battle. As Wiki and Blog platforms go, each is the winner in their category in terms of raw number of users/pageviews. That said, there are definitely (different) concerns with each platform, architecturally as well as accidentally. And therefore, we dreg up the ... Read more

Status of Copyright – Nov 2016

TPP and Copyright provisions There have been several developments regarding copyright law, the most profound being that TPP appears to be dead in the water. TPP copyright provisions would have negatively impacted many countries in terms of costs to consumers, including Canada, Brunei, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Viet Nam. A New Zealand analysis disingenuously ... Read more

Amazon UCC128 Barcode

Updated 24-Nov-2018 Publishing Toolchain/Workflow Notes Syntax for ISBN .eps ./bookland -o 978-0-9822972-7-8.eps 978-0-9822972-7-8 Syntax for Amazon ASIN (effectively a hyphen-less ISBN-10 of the ISBN-13) encode128 0982297270 Take output and use Code128 Font to display The Amazon Barcode Note for revision: the latest version of encode128 is using different start/stop characters than what is displayed/discussed below. ... Read more

Image Metadata

While this is an aspect of a style guide (for the structure of the metadata itself), this is very much a devops document, for use and manipulation of metadata in publishing. The basic point is that certain kinds of information about an image file is most conveniently kept inside the file itself, accessed and manipulated ... Read more

Image Style Guide

This Document Part of a Complete Set of Style Guides Purpose of an Image Style Guide This Image Style Guide is for all visual communication including photographs, drawings and the like on websites, social media, static images in video, as well as all printed material. Here are some guidelines that should help photographers and photo ... Read more

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