Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

The book is "Sapiens" and it is all about humans. Fascinating and eye-opening, it provides enormous perspective for us humans today. Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari I agree that there are things to disagree with in the book (my Kindle version is littered with notes where he is wrong, or possibly wrong) but the sweep ... Read more

Notes on Sleep

Read This Book on Sleep (2020) Bill Gates recommends the book Why We Sleep, and it is excellent. All of my notes above need to be revised with this book in mind. I highly recommend reading it, to get more science, less psychobabble. How Much Sleep is Enough? (2018) Now that my eldest son is ... Read more

Epub Editing Tools

Tools change over time, but it seems that in the Epub world we have more of the same. As of November 2018: - Calibre's Epub Editor is pretty nifty - Sigil development stalled, then picked up again - Pagina Epub Checker is still under development and useful - Pandoc with or without some kind of ... Read more

Kindle Paperwhite 4th Gen

Update Oct 2021 There is finally a new Kindle Paperwhite -- fifth generation -- which has a few nice new features: a larger 6.8" screen, amber sidelight, and USB-C, and is slightly larger and weighs about 10% more, just at 200g. This runs about $160 USD with no ads, and $200 with a leather cover. ... Read more

Dokuwiki – The Canonical Wiki

Dokuwiki, over the last 10 years, has become the canonical wiki. By this I mean that Dokuwiki is the go-to wiki for most uses. While there are many other wikis which are popular and in use (e.g., Xwiki, MoinMoin, TikiWiki, etc.), the competitors (other than Mediawiki) do not exceed half of Dokuwiki's popularity. The only ... Read more

Caret vs. Caret – A Tale of Two Editors

Caret the Chrome App vs. Caret the PC App -- not sure which came first, but they are very different (except for the name, and the fact they are open source). Caret the Chrome App Note that Caret may possibly replace Atom in my workflow - Caret in the Chrome Store - Caret website - ... Read more

Grav CMS on Debian

This post will be frequently (or infrequently) updated. It is meant to help me learn Grav and Gravcart, and in particular migrate off of WordPress and Woocommerce. Related Artices in Debian Services and Applications - Debian on AWS Lightsail - OpenVPN on Debian + UFW Firewall - Nginx and Letsencrypt on Debian - PHP & ... Read more

Inkscape – Open Source Vector Graphics

Current issues The latest version of Inkscape has to be downloaded as an AppImage from the website. An earlier version is available via apt. Interoperability with Adobe Illustrator (AI) still has a fundamental issue with AI using 72ppi and Inkscape using 96ppi (CSS standard). Basically any objects in Adobe SVG files will appear to be ... Read more

MediaWiki vs. WordPress

There of course is no MediaWiki vs. WordPress in the sense of a battle. As Wiki and Blog platforms go, each is the winner in their category in terms of raw number of users/pageviews. That said, there are definitely (different) concerns with each platform, architecturally as well as accidentally. And therefore, we dreg up the ... Read more


This page is about my on-again, off-again preoccupation with poetry. It started out innocently enough, but then I fell in with the Poets of the Open Range (when living in Denver in the 1980s) and occasionally stalked the poetry readings with the nom de plume Radical Milquetoast. In any case, my father has a much ... Read more