Install a repository to manage Zotero via apt. Install Chrome Zotero connector

SomaFM Linux Clients

Playing internet radio from the command line is quite a thing, especially the excellent Soma FM. Unfortunately there are some problems of late with various clients including: Uscheck, my favorite until this issue in October, 2021 Rocky Madden, who also suffers from the problems of October, 2021 The best approach is to fall back to ... Read more

OBS Studio on Debian

OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio) Studio is a popular, open source multiplatform broadcasting and recording control panel. OBS Installation for Debian sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r) ffmpeg obs-studio v4l2loopback-dkms Note that the Linux headers and loopback (not included in the most recent release of OBS as of February 2022) enable a virtual camera button, so that ... Read more

Diagrams.net (was Draw.io)

Diagrams.net -- previously draw.io -- is a neat web/web 2.0 diagram editor. It supports Google Drive and also VSCode integration. Currently I usually just use Inkscape and draw whatever I need by hand. It is usually faster, and can embed as an SVG or simply output a PNG file. However, if one does a lot ... Read more


LibreOffice is marginally (though noticeably) better than OpenOffice. That said, it definitely has more signs of life and so it is the incomplete product which one is better off choosing, when given choice. Installing LibreOffice Installing LibreOffice is a bit strange. First off, the default gateway in Asia hasn't worked in months if not years, ... Read more

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