Updated 14-Sep-2023

Devops was coined by Patrick Debois in 2007, and is meant to reduce the friction between development and operations, especially in the face of agile, quick-release development methods. Very large sites that require ongoing updates and experience rapid growth and development face new problems that traditional wall between development and operations. Devops is also about bringing continuous integration full circle and include operations. Devops is also about expanding data collection and analysis to more aspects of operations, as well as instrumenting test-driven development and test-driven operations. Chaos Engineering is an aspect of Devops that has a novel approach to automated recovery. Devops is more of a theme than a specific discipline, as it is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to enterprise IT. Solo Devops is something that can emerge as an issue for the mythical full-stack developer who is also their own sysadmin. For me, the approach is opposite, as I come from sysops, and have had to add various development tools and methods, and use the basic glue of scripts to automate deployment. Not uncommon. I've come to see Devops as expanding into the areas of design and organizational communication, so things like publishing and (style guides)[/style-guides/] are included, as are fields such as machine learning, which will touch devops in the future. I also including devops-related marketing in this topic area.

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