Genealogy Software

Updated 14-Sep-2023

I'm looking for genealogy software, so far there are a few options (all web-based):

I prefer something open source, but of course it needs regular, ongoing development. There are many websites with family tree tools that support GEDCOM but I find them clumsy, and many are very expensive, and the free versions are constantly nagging. With user-created content, both the advertising and the freemium business models leave me wanting to manage my own content.

Features needed

  • Fast user experience
  • Decent ability to visually browse a tree segment
  • Easy to create/edit
  • GEDCOM fully supported
  • Ability to import another GEDCOM file without total disaster, easily merge duplicates
  • Visually pleasing for the non-specialist and regular visitor
  • Active project with somewhat regular updates
  • Others?

Update this page

  • Will update this page to include what I decided on, installation and maintenance steps