Personal actions on anti-trust

Updated 26-May-2024

It is important, if one believes in anti-trust, to take whatever small personal actions one may take, as a consumer. For example, migrating off the large monopoly platforms when possible.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter -> Mastodon ($10/year donation)
  • Gmail, etc., email -> Fastmail ($50/year fee) (referral code)
  • Github -> Sourcehut ($20/year fee)
  • Google News -> The Guardian ($10/year donation)
  • All the chat apps -> Signal ($10/year donation)
  • Free File Sync (one time for auto-update donation and business editions) ($20 EUR one time)
  • Obsidian (free for personal use), $50/year for business license, $25 for Catalyst (one time)

Total: ~$150/year

There are other apps which I am happy to donate or pay for, though they aren't relevant to anti-trust. For Facebook Groups, I am hoping that the group functionality for Mastodon will be forthcoming. I'd love to exit Facebook altogether, and Discord as well, but the group functionality and community is keeping me there, for now.

Another area I need to work on is getting off of Google Home Mini / Google Chromecast (YouTube Premium / YouTube Music) and onto something like a Kodi media center, Pi-Hole ad blocking, and MycroftOVOS/NeonAI for voice commands. Ah, projects!