Avoiding China

Updated 21-Sep-2023

There are so many problems with China, that avoiding it seems like a valid approach, though it is entwined with so many supply chains, it is very difficult to be completely divorced from it.

That said, some choices can be made:

Chinese Technology

In many cases Chinese hardware and software manufacturers have no choice but providing tracking information to the Chinese government. This includes such self-described privacy supporters such as Apple, who willingly provide data to the Chinese government.

The Chinese Government, like all entities that engage in widespread surveillance, cannot completely control the data.

Chinese Household Goods

  • These should be avoided in general due to possible toxicity as well as low quality in general

Chinese Food and Food Containers

Decoupling of China

China is becoming more and more xenophobic over the years, and used Covid-19 as an excuse to expel nearly all foreigners, including thousands of teachers, and even goes so far as to ban remote online tutoring.

The United States has banned all products made with forced labor in China. China denies forced labor, but a data leak provides incontrovertible direct evidence including communication between the Communist Party leadership and those executing the policies in Xinjiang.

It is obvious that the Chinese government is not a good global citizen, and will not bow to any pressure to change its ways. It will not take the blame for anything it has caused, but merely repeat propaganda.

The only solution is to decouple and avoid China.