Baby Led Weaning (BLW)

Updated 21-Nov-2021

Baby Led Weaning is essentially letting the baby feed itself as early as possible. This of course requires age-appropriate food, patience, and a lot of clean-up. However, it can have positive effects such as eating a wider variety of food, and at the times of the spoon-feeding strikes around 8-10 months, BLW is the obvious option. Some recommend to start Baby led weaning from 6-8 months, which makes sense in terms of my experience with my son, who as of 10 Sep 2016 is 10.5 months. WARNING: If you came here from Baby Journey, please realize that they are using deceptive site scraping and frame loading tactics. They do not have permission to do this, I've asked them to stop, and have no idea why they are misrepresenting my blog. This is black hat SEO and I do not endorse them in any way. Bad people!

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