Candyland for Education

Candyland is a simple board game designed for 2-4 players ages 3+. It is a simple and quick game governed completely by luck, there is no skill involved. Candyland is a race game whose goal is to get from the starting to the finish line first. The game was first designed in 1949, and has since had some rule changes. Progress in the game is made by drawing cards, or more recently spinning a spinner, which shows a single or double colored card, or a special treat card.

The treat cards direct the player to a specific location on the board and so they can be beneficial (if the player is not yet to that location) or detrimental (if the player had already passed that location).

Later versions of Candyland have been justifiably critiqued as being sexualized, and some versions are astoundingly feminized excluding little boys from a game that has never historically done so.