Pelican – Python-based Static Site Generator

Pelican is a python-powered static site generator that is likely the most popular and mature of its kind. It has extensive documentation. Pelican quickstart (docs) Pelican features Articles (e.g., blog posts) and pages (e.g., “About”, “Projects”, “Contact”) Integration with external services Site themes (created using Jinja2 templates) Publication of articles in multiple languages Generation of ... Read more

Debian + LXDE Installation

Debian 11 Bullseye Alpha 1 / 3 These are notes from an initial installation of Debian 11 (Bullseye) Alpha 1 from 2019-11-30, and A new reinstall using Alpha 3 from 2020-12-20. This is meant as the daily driver on an Intel NUC6CAYH, which is a four core celeron with 8gb of ram and a 256gb ... Read more

Install Debian from USB

One of the easiest and most straightforward ways of installing Debian linux is by a USB drive that has a bootable ISO installed on it. To prepare this, one needs three things and four steps: USB drive Any USB drive over a certain size should work. The current Bullseye Alpha 3 is 3.7gb so a ... Read more

Intel NUC – Hardware

The Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) is a 4" x 4" board (4.5" x 4.5" x 2.0" case) integrated computer. It comes in kit (without ram or storage) or as assembled computers. With the ATX form factor going away, the NUC form factor is increasingly viable as a general purpose replacement. There are even ... Read more

LineageOS on Xiaomi

I've run custom roms in the past, when Cyanogenmod was the rage, on an HTC Desire (bravo). The main reason was the 576mb of ram made increasingly bloated Google services untenable. I think I modded another HTC after that, but then went down the rabbit hole of the Iphone 5. After that one got tiresome/wore ... Read more

Linux distributions & desktops

The LMDE3 installation I had done 18 months ago was in need of a refresh. This was based on Debian 9, so I thought Debian 10 would be a good place to start. Unfortunately, the newest release breaks my laser printer, so I've looked at continuing with Debian 9 (aka oldstable) for the forseeable. In ... Read more

Registrars, DNS, VPS, Hosting

Simplicity is a wonderful thing. For the domain name game and hosting services, there are two kinds of simplicity: A single, monolithic simplicity - aka all-in-one A set of modular simplicities - aka best-of-breed At this stage in web hosting, domain name registration, and DNS service offerings, the second form of simplicity is the preferred ... Read more

Microsoft – What it is Good For

Microsoft has gone through a lot, and I've been with them for quite a long time, on and off. I became a MCSE in 1998, with a focus on Web, SQL and Exchange server. At the time we were in the battle for the backoffice, which was vs. Novell and Oracle, mainly, but also Linux ... Read more

Syncthing <= Dropbox & GDrive

Google Drive (GDrive) and other cloud storage alternatives such as Dropbox and Microsoft Ondrive all have the serious drawback of keeping one's information in a third party cloud repository. Privacy and security are generally compromised this way, even when paying for storage (as opposed to having an advertising model, which is worse in many ways). ... Read more

DNS Records and Services

First, there are two kinds of DNS records: those for client look, and those for a server. Client Lookup - DNS Resolvers I don't trust Google DNS, though for a while it was the go to DNS, and easy to remember at and For privacy, for me, there are two options, with ... Read more

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