Canvas LMS

Canvas LMS is an open source learning management system. Not to be confused with Canva (which Google does all the time). Canvas can be downloaded and installed from the Canvas Github repository. It can also be used with a free teacher account which does not have all features (pdf), but many.

Roblox for Education

Getting started for developers - Education Roblox developer onboarding How to monetize games More on monetization Roblox business case Roblox for Education Roblox is considered part of the emerging metaverse. For children it is the main multi-player virtual world.

Create Wordle Clone in Scratch

Wordle is a popular five letter guessing game, akin to Hangman but guessing five letters at a time. A confusing implementation which shows how things should be worked out on paper first, to save time and frustratoin. More complicated implementation, include creating a word list.

Fig and Bash-it

At first glance, Fig seems to be re-inventing the wheel when it comes to autocomplete, but it is actually doing this at the OS level, and not integrating into the shell. Linux is not yet supported (10 April 2022), but coming soon. This means a faster implementation of extending the shell. Bash-it is the great ... Read more

Window Managers

Beneath every window-based Desktop Environment (DE) there is a windows manager. And beneath the windows manager, is a display server protocol such as, Mir, and Wayland. When choosing a Desktop Environment, one can simply choose a windows manager and then add various other utilities such as menus, panels, search interfaces, configuration interfaces, etc. This ... Read more

Ob Khan National Park

Ob Khan National Park is about 40 minutes from Hang Dong market. Starting at the road which goes West from the Rectangle Coffee X Tower, it is more or less a straight (meandering) drive of 22 minutes (according to Google). In the Alltrails site, there are several different hikes with Ob Khan in the name, ... Read more

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music

Google is a behemoth and has a variety of properties that one may need to use, for example: YouTube - to watch YouTube content, and to create and upload YouTube content YouTube Music - to listen to YouTube Music There are subscriptions available for YouTube Premium as well as YouTube Music Premium. As far as ... Read more