Debian LXDE Keyboard Configuration

Updated 20-Sep-2023


For Debian LXDE there are a few places to configure the keyboard and keyboard shortcuts.


  • Enable the Keyboard Layout Handler in Panel Preferences > Panel Applets
  • Once enabled, right-click on the Keyboard Layout Handler and select "Keyboard Layout Handler" Settings
  • Change Layout Option set to grp:lwin_toggle which sets the left windows key to toggle between keyboard layouts

For Alt-Gr International English which sets the right alt key to act as an alt-greek

LXDE Preferences

  • Preferences > Setup Hot Keys

The Input Method

Login environment for Bash

nano ~/.bashrc

Set aliases and tty interrupt. The aliases are to enhance some of the basic commands with extensions, turning the shortened command versions into shortcuts. The reason to reset the tty interrupt is the conflict between Windows/OSX ctrl-c copy command and the linux ctrl-c command interrupt. Decades of use of Windows and OSX makes it more comfortable for me to use ctrl-t as the interrupt and map ctrl-c, ctrl-x, and ctrl-v to copy, cut, and paste.

# Aliases
alias fd='fdfind'
alias rm='rm -i'
alias cp='cp -i'
alias mv='mv -i'
alias lx='ls -la --color=auto'
alias rx='rm -rf'
alias python=python3

# Set the interrupt keystroke to ctrl-t
stty sane
stty intr ^T

# Set path and editor
export PATH
export EDITOR=nano

# Calibre dark mode


  • LXTerminal > Preferences > Shortcuts

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