Entreprenuership and Nonprofits (Social Enterprise), Some Links

Updated 20-Sep-2023

Some links to Entrepreneurship and Nonprofits (Social Enterprise) Doi Suthep

Non-profits (better: Social Enterprise)

  • Yunus and the Grameen Foundation, see TED talks, very powerful story of how to reconceive enterprise for social goals
  • Peter Drucker wrote several books on managing Nonprofits in the early 1990s, good stuff

Startups/Venture Capital

Classic Entrepreneurial/Strategy books

  • Michael Porter - Competitive Advantage, Competitive Strategy
  • Geoffrey Moore - Crossing the Chasm (and other books)
  • Eliyahu Goldratt - The Goal, It's Not Luck, other books (these first two should be read in that order, as the second is a sequel, more or less)

Quick read, modern books on strategy

  • Marty Neumeier - The Brand Gap, Zag
  • Kim & Maubourgne - Blue Ocean Strategy