Commercial Viability and Approaches to the Flying Car

Updated 20-Sep-2023

This is about the commercial viability, supporting documents available, NASA support and competitions, projected use and demand, and green focus of the flying car.

NASA predicts that two-car families will have one road car and one flying car in their garages in the next 30 or so years. -Mail and Guardian

Turns out, there are lots of flying car projects currently in progress. This kind of competition is great as it spurs innovation forward as well as creating greater visibility.

Modern Flying Cars and Current Flying Car Projects

Flying Boats

It turns out that historically the flying boat was the means of flight when we were into island hopping and the early development of flight. Makes sense as these are much safer than mere airplanes.

Brief Discussion of Commercial Viability of Flying Cars and Boats

Some resources mentioned * NASA Green flight challenge (2009) * NASA Tech library papers * NASA Personal Air Vehicles dubbed the second century of flight