Gravity Powered Lighting

Updated 14-Sep-2023

With a significant number of people in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar without electricity (as well as a number in Thailand and Vietnam who are not accounted for in the official numbers on electricity access), power generation is of strong interest. Instead of expensive, larger scale projects (which are of course also important) something like *Gravity-Powered Lighting) would be strongly in demand if available.

Enter Gravity Light an organization with a singular product focus. The idea that local manufacturing and also as a product for sale seems to be the big winner here as well. If the product is desirable enough, and at an affordable price (perhaps with some government subsidies for the poorest populations), then indeed such a venture will create jobs as well as significantly improve the lives of those who use the product.

We learned about this project from the Gravity Light 2 Indiegogo campaign.