Internet Explorer and Browser Wars

Updated 20-Sep-2023

There is some interesting device data if there is enough enthusiasm or boredom to find it. For one thing, it appears that the best Android visitors to sites use either Android browser or Chrome, and not Firefox. This is an area Firefox is failing fairly hard at. Another point is that for both Windows and the Macintosh, desktops have a diversity of browsers which matter. For Windows it is Chrome dominant with around half, and Internet Explorer and Firefox dividing the rest. And so, with greater mobile trends, Internet Explorer and Firefox are bound to decline. Both are not present on IOS, and Firefox is not being used much for mobile. As these trends increase, expect relevance for IE and Firefox to decline further, though there will be some uptake of IE on mobile, the device reach is fairly limited. However, that is not to say we can ignore this platform. Indeed, the multi-browser world is not becoming any less so (though Chrome is fairly dominant now). This is the case because of both hardware manufacturers, as well as mobile devices. Firefox may fade into obscurity (which is unfortunate, but the bugginess is only increasing). Safari will continue to have traction both on IOS (as default, where it essentially rules), and desktop. This article was last updated on 14-jun-2015