Updated 20-Sep-2023

LibreOffice is marginally (though noticeably) better than OpenOffice. That said, it definitely has more signs of life and so it is the incomplete product which one is better off choosing, when given choice.

Installing LibreOffice

Installing LibreOffice is a bit strange. First off, the default gateway in Asia hasn't worked in months if not years, so clicking the download button only results in an error. Clicking the info button or the torrent button only gives information/torrent for the RPM and not the DEB file unless one has already changed the selector.

And so, the steps are:

If you insist on not using a Torrent, then click on Info after performing the first two steps

Once you've downloaded and uncompressed the directory of *.deb files, then drop to a command line and execute:

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

dpkg is usually smart enough to deal with a large number of deb files and their dependencies.