Pix Image Editor

Updated 21-Sep-2023

Pix is another Linux Mint application (the second I use, along with Nemo) that is a useful, lightweight, simple image editor, good for cropping, scaling, and converting between filetypes. However, for actual editing, Inkscape is my editor of choice (I find GIMP hard to use).

The latest versions of Inkscape may not be available under testing, so use of an Inkscape appimage might be necessary for the latest bug fixes.

Or, download inkscape from sid, or from debian stable.

Note: as of Bullseye Alpha 2, the libexiv2-14 is not available via apt. Instead before installing Pix, install this file from a Kali repository.

Install Pix from the LMDE masters at releases - LMDE4 version of Pix works a charm. Unpack, and then install the pix-data...deb first, then pix...deb.