Svelte, Svelte Kit, Svelte Native

Updated 14-Sep-2023

I've started on Svelte and Svelte Kit since it seems to produce an excellent product with minimal code. I buy into the basic concepts of the benefits of Svelte (over all other frameworks). There is also Svelte Native.

I was reading up on Cloudflare Pages, which apparently has gone full stack, and it mentions the integration with Svelte Kit.

Cloudflare Pages is on my task list for 2022, and I need an up-to-date framework to use. I kept wanting to use a Python framework, but these seem to be a bit old and neglected when it comes to the web.

I want the easiest-to-use Javascript stack which will produce the fastest-and-most-user-friendly output. Turns out this is Svelte, Svelte Kit, and for native mobile apps, Svelte Native.

Installing and Updating NPM and NVM

I kept getting error messages about an unsupported engine, so I had to manually update the NVM as follows:

nvm ls-remote

this shows all the versions available, I chose the latest lts

nvm install v16.13.1

Then I could do the audit fix (after creating a lock file):

npm i --package-lock-only
npm audit fix

After this I could do the npm install

Svelte Resources