The Best Mentors

Updated 30-Jan-2022

Plato and Aristotle

There are some useful nuggets of information hidden within this latest talk by Kate Mitchell on Own your Own Success. The discussion on mentors and mentorship is one of them.

Mentors as a Composite

Mentors need not be a single person or a set of people but are more likely a composite of many people, in the sense that different people can model aspects of mentorship at different times and in different ways (and for different contexts).

By Another Name

Mentors don't necessarily come with that label, or are used in that way. However, a key feature is the desire for one's success, the nature of a mentor as a champion for the individual, someone who cares about their success. Someone who's got your back.

The Goal is One, Two or Three

Be number 1, 2, or 3 in your sector. Can the mentor support this goal? Will they help you to get there?

Entire Talk on YouTube

(skip ahead to minute 21)

Other Insights on Mentorship

Not included in this talk are some ideas which have resonated with me in the past, including the idea that mentors (and teachers) do not have to be alive to be effective. Learn from giants in the past, they can provide excellent advice and support. This requires good, close reading and rereading of the works of mentors from the past. Some great mentors (a small sample):

  • Sun Tzu
  • Peter Drucker
  • Eliyahu Goldratt

2 thoughts on “The Best Mentors”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I really agree that mentors are key to one’s success. However, how do you go about finding one? Especially here in Asia, it seems awkward to just randomly message someone you look up to in linkedin. Do you have a special approach to making someone your mentor.

    Nice blog by the way.

    -Angelo from SeedAsia

  2. My guess is that this is an attempt at link-building rather than actual engagement with the content, since the question you have does not at all address the actual content of the post. I’ve gone ahead and removed your link, but approved the comment for posterity. If you would read or watch the video or read further on my final comments, this question is already answered. The idea you would “just randomly message someone” is antithetical and addressed explicitly in the video.

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