WebP – Web Image Format

Updated 20-Sep-2023

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Note this is a brief note, as WebP is less interesting than originally thought. Yes, this format is out there, and yes, it can in many cases reduce the size of images by a certain amount. However, browser support is not complete (therefore you still need jpg/png images). And, most editors do not support this image format, so it can't be edited or used in any way other than viewing by some browsers.

Unless and until full support by editors as well as all browsers is available, this will do little more than consume devops efforts for very little return on investment.

WebP supported in WordPress 5.8

  • WordPress adds WebP support (07-jun-2021). Best to read these notes as there are issues with configuration of the support, possible memory issues, php libraries to use, etc.

WebP support in GIMP

WebP support in Inkscape

WebP support in Pix and Nemo

The image editor Pix and file manager Nemo, both bundled with Linux Mint but fully functional

ImageMagick convert for webp

If just want to do a lossless duplicate, the ImageMagick command is:

convert input.png -define webp:lossless=true output.webp

Quality can be set, and some very low quality rates can produce very little degradation, depending on the original image.

convert input.png -quality 10 output.webp

Resources and Notes

See also discussion of Image Optimization for the Web