What is the Meaning of your Brand?

Updated 20-Sep-2023

I highly recommend the book Making Meaning by Diller, Shedroff & Rhea (2006). The material is well researched and built from significant insight and a good deal of hard data. The core question of the book is what meaning is being produced through interaction with a brand. From this perspective, the production of meaning can be understood as a key or even primary goal of the brand interaction. Of course meanings can be significantly culturally-bound. However, they identify a number of meanings which appear to be cross-cultural. Not meant to be an exhausting list, it is nonetheless interesting. * Accomplishment * Beauty * Creation * Community * Enlightenment * Freedom * Harmony * Justice * Oneness * Redemption * Security * Truth * Validation * Wonder Which one of these meanings could be considered vitally important and even understood as the primary goal of your brand?