Android, Augmented Reality & A Book

Updated 20-Sep-2023

This is a short post with a few things I need to follow up on over the coming weeks and months.

HTC Desire and Ice Cream Sandwich

This is a brief update for 15 July 2012. There is some hope for my HTC Desire (Bravo) regarding Jellybean. ICS is now mostly stable with most features, but there is a bit of similarity between Jellybean and Ice Cream Sandwich such that porting JB to the HTC Desire may be possible.

Kindle Fire and JellyBean

There are already some early builds of JellyBean on the Kindle Fire. That's great news and will breathe extra life into the Fire that I have (and basically use for a radio (DoubleTwist and TuneIn Radio Pro) and also the occasional game (Age of Conquest: South America).

Augmented Reality Platform

The use of Augmented Reality on mobile devices has much promise, but has had much promise for a long time. However, there is finally some headway being made by the company Metaio, and their Junaio platform.

Some insight into Group Selection

The Social Conquest of Earth is E.O. Wilson's latest. It's $9.78 for the Kindle version. Wilson is simply a giant, and this latest book really tackles head on the evolutionary biological approach to development of behavior such as virtue. Bloomberg has an interview from April 2012, it is worth viewing. What is great about this argument and the research involved is that this force of group selection is much more valuable and insightful an argument than individual selection. This also can be parsed in political terms, where on the one hand is the side that argues discretely for the individual, spurning the group, and the other side which places more emphasis on the group, placing constraints on the individual. Those constraints are entirely reasonable (and in fact are a part of our evolutionary biological history as a species).