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Anki Flashcard Software for Learning

Anki is one of the most popular flashcard software programs for memorization. It includes a spaced repetition algorithm for optimized learning. Anki offers clients for Windows, OSX, BSD, Linux, Android and has a paid client for iOS. There is also a web client, which also acts as a data storage for synchronization across clients. 01 Load Screen

Anki Original Use Case

Anki means memorizing in Japanese and was originally created to help with memorizing Kanji characters for learners of Japanese as a second language. It has since been adopted for dozens and perhaps hundreds of other languages, as well as any other subject for which a memorization tool can be used

Anki and Spaced Repetition Learning

Anki uses the SuperMemo 2 (SM2) spaced repetition algorithm. This is a scheduling algorithm which reintroduces a flash card at an optimal time (shorter if difficult to recall/cannot recall, longer if can recall). The effect is to move things from short-term into long-term memory.

Anki and Shared Decks

Anki users can make their decks available to the general public to download from the AnkiWeb site. Shared decks can be searched for and imported into ones' own collection of decks.

Release of Anki 2

On October 6, 2012 Anki 2.0.0 was released. This version is incompatible with the previous stable 1.2.8/1.2.11 (Linux) version. Anki 2 can import and convert Anki 1.2x cards, but the reverse is not the case. Because of significant file format and core functionality differences, users of the 1.2x platform will need to convert all clients as well as the data at the same time.

Status of Anki 2 clients on iOS and Android

As of the release on October 6, 2012 the Android and iOS clients are still in beta and so those who use those clients are advised not to upgrade yet. * Update: on 19-October-2012 the Anki Mobile was accepted into the iTunes Appstore, both Anki for iPhone and Anki for iPad. This is a free update for those who previously purchased this app. Price is currently $24.99 USD in the US store.

Current Status of Anki and Download

  • Development Status: Active
  • Tone of Community: Friendly, Helpful, Informative
  • Latest Stable Build Date: 06-Oct-2012
  • Latest Stable Version 2.0.0
  • Support for: OSX, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Web
  • Homepage of Anki
  • AnkiWeb 2.0 and AnkiWeb 1.x - note the difference is 2.0 uses https otherwise the same address is used, namely
  • Download Anki (from the Home Page)

Anki License

Anki Droid on the Amazon App Store

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Anki FAQs, Help, Documentation

Anki Community, Bug Tracking & Development

Books on Anki

There are currently no books available on Anki. However, there are many websites with information as well as the online help and documentation.

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