Life Checklist

Updated 14-Sep-2023

This checklist is inspired by Ted Leonsis' List of 101 things to accomplish. His list is thought-provoking, and I share many of the goals. Here is my list (incomplete). - I will backfill in items that I have already completed, and of course add more.

Family Matters (6)

  • Fall in love and get married (done)
  • Build a happy and contented marriage
  • Successfully raise happy, healthy children
  • Take care of extended family
  • Have grandchildren
  • Leave all financial matters in great shape for family

Financial Matters (9)

  • Pay off college debts
  • Net worth of $1 million
  • Net worth of $10 million
  • Net worth of $100 million
  • Net worth of $1 billion
  • Zero personal debt for family
  • Create company that creates living wage surplus (done)
  • Start a company and sell it
  • Conduct an IPO on a company I founded

Creative Matters (19)

  • Build a home
  • Learn to fly an airplane
  • Build an airplane
  • Build a car
  • Produce a film
  • Stage a theater production
  • Stage a dance production
  • Produce an album
  • Paint and have a show in an art gallery
  • Photography and have a show in an art gallery
  • Create a game
  • Write a book of poetry
  • Write a book of fiction
  • Write nonfiction books
  • File a patent (non-trivial)
  • Distill whisky
  • Brew beer
  • Grow and make chocolate
  • Grow and make coffee
  • Milk cow and make dairy products
  • Create a successful open source project


  • Speak English
  • Speak German
  • Speak Thai
  • Speak Vietnamese
  • Develop a single keyboard system to interoperate with these languages

Travel (26)

  • Skydive
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Visit Cambodia
  • Visit England
  • Visit Scotland
  • Visit Ireland
  • Visit Iceland
  • Visit France
  • Visit Italy
  • Visit Greece
  • Visit Spain, run with the bulls
  • Visit Portugal
  • Visit Japan
  • Visit Nepal, including Mustang
  • Visit Myanmar
  • Visit Laos (done)
  • Visit Cuba
  • Visit Bali (done)
  • Visit Vietnam (done)
  • Visit Hong Kong
  • Visit Singapore
  • Visit Indonesia, several places including Prambanan, Borobudur, Sewu
  • Visit Russia, trans-siberian express
  • Visit the Caucuses: Gagra, Abkhazia, and Crimea
  • Visit the Balkans: Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia
  • Visit Moldova and Romania - Carpathians
  • See the summer Olympics (Tokyo, 2020)
  • Go on an extended sailing cruise
  • Visit outer space (minimum low earth orbit)

Physical Health (7)

  • Run a marathon every year (starting 2018)
  • Run an olympic distance triathlon
  • Work out 1 hour per day every day, 2 hours better
  • Create a new yoga form
  • Run an ultra-marathon (60km or further)
  • Sharpshooter qualification
  • Maintain excellent health and fitness until final days

Impact on the World (2)

  • Provide tangible benefit to fellow humans
  • Provide tangible benefit to biosphere