Cloth Diaper Detergents and Cleaners

Updated 14-Sep-2023

Note: See also Soaps, Cleaners, and Detergents

The main issue with cloth diapers (as well as cold water washing machines and line drying), is the need to have clean, smell-free, non-irritating/toxic system for cleaning that works and is cost effective. In this regard the following system seems to be effective: - Spray clean all soiled diapers (water sprayer in bathroom) - Hit the stains with enzyme pre-treat - Do a 30 minute Oxy presoak - Do a full load wash with full detergent - Line dry in the sun (can be a challenge on cooler, rainy days) That leaves three formulas

Enzyme Pretreat

There are reasons why and when enzyme cleaners are needed. Currently we are using the Bio Kleen Bac Out option. Good but expensive when trying to import it from abroad. Therefore make by oneself. Though realize that most DIY enzyme cleaners are a hoax. This one is real, since it starts with an actual enzyme. Do note that was is produced by many so-called diy enzyme cleaners is an actual cleaner, but it is better labeled a citrus alcohol cleaner (which can be a useful pretreat, alternating with an enzymatic cleaner). This citrus alcohol cleaner recipe is the most fact-based and accurate one I've found. - See Also Enzymatic cleaners, and Irresponsible Bloggers

Oxy Soak

Oxy can be made by oneself (incomplete).

Standard Wash

Make by oneself (incomplete).