Irresponsible Bloggers

Updated 10-Feb-2021

I've run across a variety of advice from know-nothings who can't evaluate the accuracy of statements, and use terms that they are unable to define. It is quite ridiculous, especially among the mommy-blogger set.


  • Eating peanuts while nursing an infant is fine (no, peanuts actually do pass into breastmilk)
  • Make a citrus enzyme for cleaning (no, this doesn't make an enzyme, it makes alcohol). Instead, use this diy enzyme recipe, which is real since it starts with an actual enzyme.
  • Any blogs with home remedies that use the term homeopathy, are suspect, since there is no evidence that any homeopathic remedy is effective in treating any ailment or condition.

While fake health news on facebook is likely even more dangerous and widespread, irresponsible bloggers should be held accountable for any claims that are obvious lies or pure ignorance.

What that accountability would be like is, from Google, essentially ignoring bloggers altogether and focusing on reputable (or quasi-reputable) medical information sites. (One must include quasi- since sites like WebMD are included.)

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