Elixir and Phoenix

Updated 20-Sep-2023

Late to the party as always, as this has been going on for a few years, but hey. In any case, this is about Elixir and Phoenix: - Elixir is a 5 year old functional programming language, that runs on the - Erlang BEAM VM (which is very mature, fast, and reliable), and - Phoenix is a modern web framework with Rails-like syntax Some say that Elixir and Phoenix are the future of Web Apps and Web APIs

Functional Programming

There are points of functional programming that matter, and others that are merely discussion points. The ability to hot swap an application isn't needed for many, but when apps and sites become laden with users and use, then that kind of stability and flexibility supports the experience of stability.

Elixir and Phoenix vs. Web Frameworks

Elixir vs. Node, PHP, Ruby

Phoenix vs. Node is the actual comparison, and it doesn't look good for Node, which blocks very easily. The main point is that Elixir is asynchronous and nonblocking, and can handle a huge amount of concurrency.

Elixir vs. Go, Scala, Clojure

Overall, these languages have many points in comparison. Elixir is definitely the newest kid on the block (introduced in 2012). Clojure is Lisp on a Java VM. Elixir runs on Erlang VM, which has nine-nines uptime (99.9999999% aka 32 milliseconds/year). Go is Google's baby. For me, perversely enough, that is a strike against it.

Elixir and Phoenix Learning Resources