Homemade English Muffins

Updated 14-Sep-2023

As someone who grew up on Thomas' English Muffins, I had no idea that there was such discord in the culinary community as to how to cook the damned things. I also consider it a distinct failing that it took me until I was 51 years old to actually cook my first English muffin. This is the failure of the boomer generation (my parents) in abandoning their heritage and the wisdom of their parents, and becoming comprehensive consumers, rather than producers of their food, and more importantly, not providing the subsequent generation with any basic skills in cookery. That said, we do have YouTube now, which is saving our culinary culture from wholesale extinction. - Decent recipe, too much yeast, too fiddly and requiring spray and cutouts - Fry before baking? Simply odd, NYTimes - Fry in oil? Just wrong. My conclusions: - Warm milk and 10 minute yeast from Chef Steps is fine - Way too much yeast, so cut that back - Proof like it's bread, no need for big proofing gear - After, just roll it into balls and then stretch into flattened circles of dough - Heat at medium in a dry pan, and flick water on top every so often