Internet Marketing = BAWLS

Updated 14-Sep-2023

In a word, Internet Marketing (not the spamming stuff, but the real thing) is BAWLS. Brand, Advertising, Website, Links and Content, and Social Media. BAWLS Ooo .


Brand name, collateral (visuals, text), offering, value to customers and competitive strategy. Includes pricing, keywords, as well as customer demand.


Paid and earned. Will drive traffic either to social media profiles or to the website. Can be on third party websites, search engines as well as social media (increasingly).


The center of content and interaction. Needs to be managed and monitored. All analytics are based here, though social media engagement has its own metrics, as well as advertising analytics. ecommerce is a part of this. But if selling through Amazon and Ebay, then the profiles and other information on those sites would be a part of this element.

Links and Content

This includes content on the website, links syndicated to social media, as well as content provided on third party sites. Directories and other marketing partnerships are here. This is the attractors of organic search results. Affiliates are here as well.

Social Media

A certain kind of third party site, which allows for friends/followers, direct communication and conversation, and syndication of links to content on the website.