Style Guide

This is a permanent page about style guides used in writing and for marketing. In particular there two kinds of Style Guides: - Brand Style Guide (for product designers, pr types, and all public and corporate communications) - Publishing Style Guide (for writers, editors, publishers) These two intersect and the Brand Style Guide should refer ... Read more

Visual Studio Code Editor

Visual Studio Code Editor -- aka vscode, code -- is my current editor of choice. I used the venerable Atom editor for a number of years. Both use Electron as the platform for development, aka node/js/css. Atom was a Facebook project which has since been abandoned. It is very similar, and not difficult to switch ... Read more

Markdown Specifications and Editors

I use Markdown daily. The flavor I use is Markdown Extra. I use this in WordPress websites with a very old (2013) version of the Markdown Extra plugin, which simply continues to work. I also use this in local files that I then turn into epub and pdf files using Pandoc, which supports Markdown Extra ... Read more

Fonts, Typefaces, Typography

Note: All else being equal, select TTFs if they are hinted, and OTF fonts if not. Note: Symlink in fonts to /usr/share/fonts and fc-cache -fv in Debian and other Linux. Note: For managing fonts in Debian, see Managing Fonts in Debian Fonts, Typeface, and Typography -- what a mess. Not only does one have to ... Read more

Life is a kind of Library

A famous writer (Borges) once said that he imagined the afterlife (or more precisely Paradise) to be a kind of library. However, what occurs to me now (in at once a banal and deeply moving way) is that not only the afterlife, but Life is a kind of Library. I mean this both as metaphor ... Read more

Screen Promiscuous – Publishing

Yes, screen promiscuous, a term I did not know before reading the piece on Snowpiercer in the LA Times. Short and Longform Trends As John Borthwick reports there are two trends in media consumption seemingly at odds, lots of micro/immediate shortform content being consumed and reflected, as well as longform, quality content that has significant ... Read more

Sunday on the Bed with the Newspaper

Fifteen years ago, Sundays were best spent on the bed with too much coffee and the Sunday New York Times, a massive amount of information. Indeed, it has been said that the Sunday New York Times holds more information than the average serf in the Middle Ages encountered in their lifetime. Occasionally we would get ... Read more

WP Fountain – Fountain Markup

Now available on Github Download WP Fountain from WP Fountain is a WordPress Plugin to support Fountain markup< (aka SPMD) for screenplays. Contributors: jeffmcneill, nyousefi Tags: screenwriting, scrippets, scrippet, screenplay, film scripts, movie scripts, fountain Requires at least: 1.5 Tested up to: 3.6 Stable tag: 0.0.1 This plugin modifies screenplay format text for inclusion ... Read more

Kindle and other Ebook Readers

The Kindle was not the first ebook reader (the Sony ebook reader came out years before but was virtually nonfunctional). And the Kindle certainly is not the only ebook reader. In addition, there are now many different models of the Kindle, not including the Kindle Fire which does not have e-ink and is more of ... Read more

Scribus – Open Source Adobe Indesign

Scribus is a maturing publishing tool which has much to like. The upcoming (when? who knows?) release of 1.6 should put it squarely in direct competition with Adobe Indesign, it's proprietary competitor. Scribus is free and open source software, developed with love. However, there is one bad part, which is the development lead who believes ... Read more

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