Social Media Style Guide

A social media style guide is only necessary in a narrow technical sense, as much of what the other style guides include applies to external / public communication, of which social media is a mere element. However, it is always useful to have particular protocols and concrete guidelines so there is no confusion. Social Media ... Read more

Style Guides for Brands

Style guides are just that, guides or guidelines to maintain a particular style of presentation. Guides instruct on correct usage. They are essential for maintaining consistency of an organizations and brands presentation across various media. Because of a proliferation of media, as well as media-specific goals on the Internet (aka search and social discovery), style ... Read more

McNeill and Beyond – A Memoir

Memoir Preface This is an extended essay. It is not complete, the work is ongoing in fits and starts. It contains three parts. The first part is a genealogy and genetic forensics in searching for my male ancestral line. It centers on our emigrant ancestor John McNeill (1680-1765) who emigrated to the American colonies in ... Read more

Audiobooks – Mono in a Stereo World

Audiobooks are generally a neglected/emerging area in much of the world. If one is in the US, of course it is less of a problem, but even Apple has a half-assed approach currently. Apple / iOS / OSX While it appears Apple is trying to get its act together, it is a far distance from ... Read more

Publishing Genre

While there is quite a bit of literary genre everywhere alive and well, there are certain publication genre which are not. The Chapbook (still popular) and the Almanac(k), as well but we don't hear about it much anymore. Chapbook in the Age of Print-on-Demand The Chapbook seems like a wonder in the age of Print-on-Demand. ... Read more

Style Guide

This is a permanent page about style guides used in writing and for marketing. In particular there two kinds of Style Guides: - Brand Style Guide (for product designers, pr types, and all public and corporate communications) - Publishing Style Guide (for writers, editors, publishers) These two intersect and the Brand Style Guide should refer ... Read more

Visual Studio Code Editor

Visual Studio Code Editor -- aka vscode, code -- is my current editor of choice. I used the venerable Atom editor for a number of years. Both use Electron as the platform for development, aka node/js/css. Atom was a Facebook project which has since been abandoned. It is very similar, and not difficult to switch ... Read more

Markdown Specifications and Editors

I use Markdown daily. The flavor I use is Markdown Extra. I use this in WordPress websites with a very old (2013) version of the Markdown Extra plugin, which simply continues to work. I also use this in local files that I then turn into epub and pdf files using Pandoc, which supports Markdown Extra ... Read more

Fonts, Typefaces, Typography

See also Managing Fonts in Debian Note: All else being equal, select TTFs if they are hinted, and OTF fonts if not. Note: Symlink in fonts to /usr/share/fonts and fc-cache -fv in Debian and other Linux. Note: For managing fonts in Debian, see Managing Fonts in Debian Fonts, Typeface, and Typography -- what a mess. ... Read more

Life is a kind of Library

A famous writer (Borges) once said that he imagined the afterlife (or more precisely Paradise) to be a kind of library. However, what occurs to me now (in at once a banal and deeply moving way) is that not only the afterlife, but Life is a kind of Library. I mean this both as metaphor ... Read more