New Blogging Directions

Updated 20-Sep-2023

Change, yet again, dear friends. IMG 2040

First Four Months of 2012

We are one third plus six days into 2012. At the beginning I targeted eight different priority areas to change/improve. I've given myself scores on each of these areas as does not meet expectations, meets expectations, and exceeds expectations (0,1,2). Adding up the numbers reached 6/8. Not bad, considering the fact that all of these are changes (and not status quo). A few areas were things like saving, exercise, and others had to do with business objectives and professional development (aka learning new stuff). In any case, four months is a good timeframe for measurement (one month being too short and one year being too long). This assessment also provides insight into what to change programmatically in order to achieve the goals. As well, some goals are not necessarily the priority and may be jettisoned or replaced with others. But it is in having these eight improvement areas in front of me (on a post-it note on the side of my monitor), that has helped in focus and therefore progress.

Market-Driven Blogging

I want to do market-driven blogging - a market being defined as a group of people with similar interests who reference each other. Instead I have been doing interest-driven or task-driven blogging. Such as I have an interest or a task at hand (for example, configuring media sharing on my home network), and I spend time and learn some things, then share them with others on the blog. Yes, surely this will continue, as the blog is a repository for my own information as well. However, I've been doing some marketing and technology podcasts, and those became tedious (and completely invisible to most of the world, that is there was no market involved. Meaning is important (i.e., that stuff that has internal motivation involved) but value is no less important (i.e., that stuff that is meaningful to other people). Hence, market-driven. Let's lead with the market, and find something of interest there. Ok, easy to say, but what does this mean? Well, I've got to find a suitable market first. Market discovery. I've got some ideas, we'll see...