Eating Fish Raw and Cooked

Parasites Freezing Fish, Killing Parasites Almost Every Kind of Wild Fish is Infected with Worms > "I don't eat raw fish because of what I've seen," admitted the fish purveyor, who sells to many of the city's top restaurants. "I don't eat sushi anymore." > > ... > > "I urge people not to cook ... Read more

Homemade Mozarella Cheese

Many various Mozarella recipes The Kitchn - Mozarella recipe - try this one first Serious Eats - Mozarella recipe 30 Minute Mozarella recipe - Cultured (traditional) Mozarella recipe - Need Rennet for Mozarella Curd - Yes and No 30 Minute Mozarella recipe - Cultures for Health Traditional Mozarella recipe - Cultures for Health ... Read more

Cream Cheese vs. Mascarpone

Many Mommy and Cooking blogs give a recipe for Cream Cheese which does not include any culture or rennet. That is simply misinformed. Especially for those who claim a cooking pedigree. Honestly, the lies are thick out there. In any case, there is a simple dichotomy when making soft cheeses, in terms of cream cheese ... Read more

100-mile diet, spin farming and pocket markets

Living in Thailand, these concepts simply are the way that things are done. Having lived in Canada, I saw how it is possible for it to take place in North America. Having lived in Hawaii, I saw what it was like to have almost none of the food raised or sold within 100 miles. The ... Read more